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As swine flu subsides, scrub typhus, dengue raise their head

RAJIV SAXENA | Updated: Oct 3, 2017, 07:40 AM IST, DNA

The monsoon season is not yet over but scrub typhus, a rickettsial disease transmitted to humans by mites, is spreading in Kota division. According to the report from Central Lab at Kota Medical College, six deaths have been reported so far from Kota, Baran and Bundi.

According to a report of CMHO, till now 29 patients have been tested positive with scrub typhus.

As far as dengue is concerned 841 have been tested positive and a death has been reported. But according to unofficial data from various source s, 29 people have died in the region due to dengue.

According to chief medical health officer of Kota Dr RK Lavaniya, “we are trying our best against the rising menace of dengue and scrub typhus.” He also added that typhus can largely be prevented by avoiding walking barefoot on the grass. Controlling dengue in the region is a challenge the number of dengue patients are approaching fast in hospitals.

The measures to curb the spread of the diseases are already in place and spray for test control treatment was carried out at Dadabari CHC of the city and it would be carried out in other hospitals and dispensaries of the district.


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