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Types Of Dengue

Dengue is the fever which cannot be noticed without the symptoms for dengue. Dengue can start from the fever which is mild in situation but after that it will lead to fatal condition of the victim. The symptoms mostly last for one week but in some cases, it starts resurfacing for 2-3 days. There are several types of dengue fever which affect one’s life and may lead to fatal conditions.

Dengue Virus

Types Of Dengue

The symptoms of dengue fever are less in appearance in the case of children who are in young stage and for grown up children and adults, these symptoms start appearing. They are as follows:

  • Fever which is sudden in onset and remain for last 3-7 days of time period.
  • Severe headache especially in the back portion of the eyes.
  • Pain in the muscles and joints of a victim especially in ankle and elbow.
  • Taste of the mouth getting changed.
  • One can prone to vomiting, abdominal pain accompanied by loss in one’s appetite.
  • Skin rashes, itching on the skin, legs etc.
  • There is minor bleeding from the part of body like from nose, gums etc which is accompanied with heavy periods of menstrual.
  • Skin from the neck and face start getting flushed.
  • Person feels tiredness.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)

DHF is one of the complicated diseases which can turn fatal. DHF is the fever which occurs only when the person is prone to dengue for more than one time. DHF is very similar to the symptoms of dengue fever. DHF is the fever which is very critical in nature than dengue fever. The symptoms for DHF are as follows:

  • After the fever, for 2-5 days the symptoms start appearing, but the symptoms start decreasing when the fever starts resolving.
  • The health of the patient decreases after the few days of the fever and there is minor bleeding from nose, gums, skin etc which make the bruises purplish in color.
  • In some cases it is found that after resolving of the fever, there is failure in the functioning of the circulatory system caused which turns into shock and leads to death of the patient within 12 to 24 hours.

With proper medical treatment, patients get recovered from the disease.

Dengue Shock Syndrome

If the person is aware about the signs and symptoms of dengue than the patient can survive by taking proper medical treatment. DSS is one of the severe situations of a dengue which can lead the patient to get hospitalized, in case the following symptoms are found. They are as follows:

  • Pain in abdominal part f the body
  • Vomiting accompanied by the flow of minor blood
  • Body temperature star getting fluctuated
  • Blood pressure of the body getting low
  • Irritation in the nature

If there is an appearance of any of these symptoms, one can get to take the medical treatment as soon as possible because DSS is the fever which can lead to death within the time period of 24 hours.

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