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There are various symptoms which characterize the dengue fever. Sudden onset of the fever.Body temperature lie between 99.5-104.0°F.Fever will remain for 1-7 days and tends to fade after 2-3 days.Fever start with the secondary stage of skin rashes which is not as common as normal rashes.

The illness for the dengue fever is somewhat similar to the disease of Rubella, Influenza or Measles. 

Some individuals may develop a sore throat, vomiting, nausea, abdominal and/or back pain, and loss of appetite. 


 The symptom of dengue fever is usually accompanied by severe headache mostly in the back portion of the eyes and at the front portion of the head.

After the sudden onset of the dengue fever,sharp pain in the joints of the body especially in knees and elbow will be experienced.Severe attack of pain after the onset of fever.Pain remains for many weeks even after fever getting subsidies.In the case of DSS and DHF the pain is missing

Pain behind or in back of the eyes is also a common symptom. 

Along with high fever if one or two above mentioned symptoms co-exist it can be DENGUE FEVER (Dengue Juram).Please consult with doctor or take safe natural remedy CARICA PAPAYA LEAF EXTRACT TABLET (JURAM-D Tablets) to protect you and your family from dengue complications
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